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Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program

The New Loyalty Rewards program is a new program to determine what students level is based on the total number of student’s class attendance per term. The rules and qualifications are as follows.

•    Must bring member card every time in to the class.
•    Must TAP&GO into the class
•    Must join class until finished
•    Have to be a registered student to get credit for Academy Classes
•    Cannot get credit if over 20 minutes late (for class with duration more than 30 minutes)
•    Cannot get credit if over 10 minutes late (for class with duration less than 30 minutes)
•    1 credit per class
•    Credits accumulated per term
•    RockStar and Star receive COOL GIFTS
•    Must claim gift within 21 days of following term
•    Students must join a minimum of 30 minutes in each class for the class to count towards their Loyalty Rewards, otherwise the instructor will void the student and no point are rewarded.
•    The void only affects the point rewards, not the class registration.

The purpose of this loyalty reward program is to encourage students to actively attend classes at RockStar Gym. To experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle

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