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RockOlympics 2019

After the success of the previous RockOlympic. This year RockStar Gym again holds the "RockOlympics" event which was inspired from the world's Olympic event.

RockOlympics is an annual event held by RockStar Gym where each and every kid has an opportunity to show off their skill and their progress after being trained by  Internationally classsed instructors in RockStar Gym.

The RockOlympics semifinal event was held on March 30th until March 31th at 2 , in 2 gyms Lippo Mall Puri and Kota Kasablanka and Soccer on March 6-7th 2019 at Lapangan Banteng. The Final Events took place on April 13th, 2019 at Kota Kasablanka Atrium.

This event were attended by children from all Clubs in RockStar Gym. They competed in various genres, including; Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance, Ballet, RockFit, Tekwondo, Futsal, Basketball, Tennis, and Swimming as well, where each game was judged by a certified judges.

Taking the system applied to the Olympics each participant must go through the semi-finals, The participants who qualify, will compete for medals and prizes - attractive prizes and offerings from RockStar Gym.

The announcement of the best gym with the highest number of medals  was “Gandaria City”, congratulations!

Rockolympics 2019, Challenge Your Limits!

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