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RockStar Gym 5th Annual Recital 2018

Every year in November, RockStar Gym presents a Recital event, a musical performance full of meaning that combines dance, singing and drama and various other skills such as Cheerleading, by more than 600 RockStar Gym students from ages 4 to 18 year. Rockstar Gym’s 5th Annual Recital 2018 hold on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at Usmar Ismail Hall was a great success. This year, RockStar Gym featured 2 different theme "The Magic of Friendships" for Kids & "Seasons of Love" for Tween/Teen.

As a center for physical education of children and adolescents offering various types of programs and classes, RockStar Gym is committed to building a winning character in every child.

Theater and art performances prepare children to face life. Through the entire process of preparation and appearance, RockStar Gym students learn to solve problems and build the ability to work with other people. They also build a sense of responsibility, tolerance, and understanding how their attitudes influence others. More than that, they also form various important characters to become Future Winners - endurance, fighting power, perseverance, discipline and hard work.

Theater and performing arts are very interesting ways for children to build the courage to express themselves and build confidence when they are the center of attention. This experience will develop their imagination, broaden their horizons and trigger their creativity so that later they will be able to find their full potential.

RockStar Gym is thanking every one of those who has been involved and participated on the event. SEE YOU IN RECITAL 2018!

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