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Birthday Parties

Birthdays are very special days. Do you prepare well for your child’s birthday party? Make sure your child’s birthday will be memorable, rewarding, and fun. RockStar Gym offers you several birthday packages such as RockFun, RockAmazing, and RockGlam.

These packages include private studio facilities, special classes by RockStar Gym’s teachers, and many exciting games.  Please contact our friendly staff at  021-29923588 PI, 021-29008085 GC, 021-29365155 MOI, 021-29612708 KK, 021-29864646 BX, 021-29403858 CB, 021-6683690 PV021-22582777 LP, 021-29056776 KV, 021-22570990 PA, or you can send an email request to party@rockstar-gym.com

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