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RockStar Gym Indonesia RAD Registration Number 27172

As part of our commitment to deliver world-class physical activity programs to our young people, RockStar Gym proudly presents RockStar Gym RAD Ballet, a full implementation of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) System, starting from Fall Term 2017.

The RAD Ballet System offers an internationally recognized portfolio of examination and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, outlining a progressive structure for learning and achievement in dance.

As a registered RAD School, our students will enjoy the benefits that the RAD System provides in many ways as it:

Puts a great emphasis on detail when learning the basic technique of ballet

Provides a smoother progression in difficulty from grade to grade

Places more importance on whether the student is performing the step with improved technique

Provides enough time to be spent on achieving optimal technique before introducing new vocabulary

Provides longer time to be spent on each technique, making it easier for the student to learn the harder steps, whilst exercising basic technique to the maximum.

Rewards students with a sense of achievement and gratification as they progress, instilling higher level of  confidence and motivation

With almost 100 years of experience, the RAD System will definitely elevate RockStar Gym Ballet Program to a whole new level both in terms of techniques and teaching methods as our students join around 230,000 candidates each year to from all over the world to take RAD exams.  

As we continue to focus on creativity, musicality and other important aspects of Ballet in general, we believe that the RAD Ballet System will provide our students with opportunities to progress and achieve as life-long learners, allowing them to blossom as thriving young people.


Level & Age

Class Category

Age Category

Baby Ballet 2 - 3 years
Pre Ballet 1/2 3 - 5 years
Pre Primary/Primary Ballet 5+ years
Grade 1 Skill Dependent
Grade 2 Skill Dependent
Grade 1/2 Skill Dependent
Grade 2/3 Skill Dependent
Grade 3/4 Skill Dependent
Elite Ballet U7-18 6 - 18 years

Skill Learned

Class Category

Age Category

Baby Ballet
Introduction to movement and dance, providing a good springboard into the AD Pre School curriculum
Improve children’s confidence and coordination and develop their social skills
Pre Ballet 1/2
Move with control, coordination and confidence
An awareness of their body and how it moves through space
A sensitivity to music
Expression of emotions through movement
Pre Primary/Primary Ballet
Develop students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of movements and musical styles
Prepare students for a successful transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels
RAD Graded Ballet (Grade 1 - 8)
Consists of three dance disciplines:
1. Ballet – the foundation and the most important part of the syllabus
2. Free Movement – it has been influenced by and incorporates movements in common with other dance styles such as Natural Movement, Contemporary and Classical Greek Dance
3. Character – the theatrical presentation of national dance using original ethnic dance and music which has been freely adapted for the theatre.  The three styles – Hungarian, Russian and Polish – were selected because of their historic importance in the development of the nineteenth century full-length classical ballets



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