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Rules & Policies

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all students attending RockStar Gym, we ask that parents and guardians adhere to these policies:

1 Membership Card

Membership card is always required to access the club. Student who failed to check-in using the card 3 times in a row will be automatically issued a new one with Rp 38,000 as replacement card fee. 

2 Sickness Policy
  • We will not accept a child with any of the following signs of illness:
    - Fever, runny nose, vomiting, stomach ache, nausea, skin irritations such as a rash, cough or sore throat.
    - Contagious diseases such as chicken pox, mumps, measles, strep, pink eye, etc.
  • A parent / guardian will be asked to remove a child from RockStar Gym if any of these symptoms present themselves. If your child has an allergy that might be misinterpreted by fellow parents as a cold, please inform our staff.
3 Please be on time Classes will begin promptly with important warm-up activities to prepare the muscles. Students who choose to attend classes after the 15 minute period please note that RockStar Gym will not be held liable for any injuries sustained from lack of warm-up activities.
4 Attending classes
  • Wait until respective class teachers call students to start.
  • U & Me Classes (Baby Gymnastics, Baby Dance, U & Me Yoga, Family Classes): accompanied by only ONE (1) ADULT.
  • Independent classes: students go into their respective classes by themselves.
  • Only water is allowed in the classes. No food or other drinks are allowed.
  • Parents are requested to refrain from coaching to avoid disruption in class.
  • Students & Parents are not allowed to bring sharp objects and toys inside the class.
  • All students are allowed to join all classes (prior to their skill/age) but no more than 3 hours per day.                
  • Parent/Student can choose up to six (6) regular Classes/week with max 2 classes/each genre. (other rules you can find on "Activity Class Rules" that was given when student enrolled or you could kindly ask to the front desk on each club).
5 Stand By Policy

Stand By as a replacement for Make-Up Policy. 

  • Stand By Policy replace Make Up Policy starting Winter Term 2015.
  • Stand By Policy valid for all Academy classes. 
  • If the class has not reached the maximum number of participants, then each student who is not registered (note. with a minimum age or level appropriate) can participate to fill in the class capacity.
  • Maximum capacity of standby is five for each full class and can be added accordingly if registered student is not present after 15 minutes.
  • Priority to participate the class as follow Registered Student > Stand By > Waiting List.
  • Waiting List is only priority to be a Registered Student if  there is a slot available.
  • If there are Registered Students who is late more than 15 minutes, he/she may participate the class.
  • Class Assistant/Attendance Officer (AO) may denied the stand by if class that is running full capacity.
  • Booking is done on the first come-first serve basis, with our Greeter at the front desk, starting half an hour before the class begins.
  • Standy by must wait for the first 15 minutes, if the numbers of attendees is still less from the class capacity, after 15 minutes, the stand-by students are allowed to join the class based on the numbers that’s been given by the greeter.
  • Stand-by attendance will be counted as absent.
  • No Loyalty Point will be rewarded for Stand-by.
  • Stand-by attendance will not be included in appraisal card and certification.
  • Stand-by students may not attend a class that has reached it’s maximum capacity.
6 Report Cards In order to receive a Report Card, Students have to attend their regular class (not on the make up class as well).
7 Proper Attire
  • Gymnastics: No shoes, jewelry & metal clothing accessories are allowed.
  • All adults attending classes with their kids in all studios are required to wear socks.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing to attend classes.
  • Students attending all Dance and Sports classes are required to wear sports shoes for safety.
  • Students wearing spectacles should wear head straps (with their eyeglasses) for safety.
  • Anyone not wearing the prescribed attire will not be allowed to join the classes. Please refer to our Dress Code in the class below.
8 Supervision Parent or guardian’s supervision outside the classes is required for all students.
9 Loss of Property RockStar Gym staff is not responsible for accidental injuries or any loss or damage to
property while the members are in our location.
10 Loyalty Rewards
  • Must TAP&GO into the class
  • Must join class until finished
  • Have to be a registered student to get credit for Academy Classes
  • Cannot get credit if over 20 minutes late (for class with duration more than 30 minutes)
  • Cannot get credit if over 10 minutes late (for class with duration less than 30 minutes)
  • 1 credit per class
  • Credits accumulated per term
  • RockStar and Star receive COOL GIFTS
  • Must claim gift within 21 days of following term
  • Students must join a minimum of 30 minutes in each class for the class to count towards their Loyalty Rewards, otherwise the instructor will void the student and no point are rewarded.
  • The void only affects the point rewards, not the class registration.
11 Gym Policy
  • Student must have a Membership Card when entering the Gym & Classes.
  • Maximum 1 adult per child allowed into You & Me classes.
1 Register for Classes
  • All Classes require a Student to be registered prior to entry into a class. Students that are not registered for a class will be denied entry.
  • Maximum of 6 classes per week.
  • Maximum 2 classes per Genre per week. Example: You can register for 2 Gymnastics classes & 2 Dance classes but not 3 Gymnastics & 3 Dance.
  • To register for classes please visit the Greeter Counter at any of our Gyms.
2 No Show
  • Students with 3 No Show classes in a row or 4 No Show classes in a term will be unregistered from that class.
  • Students will not be able to register again for the same class until the next term space permitting.
  • If a student misses 40% of any class chosen in a 2 weeks period, they will be dropped from the class they attend the least.
3 Class Closure
  • Class with number of attendees 8  or less will have a risk to be closed.
  • Class will be temporary closed due to some reasons: Heavy rain (for outdoor classes, such as Tennis and Swimming), Natural Disasters, Fire, Riots or Situation and Condition with possibility of dangerous events, instructor have a constraint (accident, relative passed away/sick and need that instructor to be there, instructor have to accompany students to compete outside, etc) and there is no available substitute instructor, RockStar Gym special events (RockOlympics, Recital, etc)
  • Class Closures will take place on the 7th week of the current Term and 1st week of the new Term.
4 New Class Opening 
  • Student attendance, if over 100% of the classes capacity can result in an additional class of that type being opened.
  • Class Opening will take place on the 7th week of the current Term and 1st week of the new Term.

Dress Code for General Classes in Studio

Classes Outfit Footwear Others
Comfortable clothes. Bare feet. Adults: socks are mandatory, mini skirt/dress is not recommended.
Gymnastics classes Girl’s Outfit: gymnastics leotard (mandatory for girls level 2 & up/Competitive Gymnastics) or athletic fitted shirt that can be tucked in with elastic waistband gym shorts (for Developmental Gymnastics). NO buttons, snaps or zippers. Boy’s Outfit: athletic shirt that can be tucked in & elastic gym shorts. Bare feet. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back. NO jewelry & belts.


Comfortable clothes & Legging/Pants. Bare feet. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back. NO Long Nails, NO jewelry.
Baby Jam
Baby Dance
Comfortable clothes. Bare feet.  Adults: socks are mandatory, mini skirt/mini derss is not recommended.
Move n Groove
Stage Studio
Street Dance
Street Jazz
Belly Dance
Comfortable shirt with pants/leggings. Must be able to kick, jump, & move around the floor. (Skirt is not recommended for tween/teen, unless wearing a leggings under) Athletics/Dance sneakers.  
Belly Dance Belly Dance costume with Belly Dance Waist Belt Bare Feet.  
Traditional Dance Comfortable Clothes Bare Feet.  
Baby Ballet Ballet leotards & skirts/tutus. Ballet shoes. Adults: socks are mandatory.
Pre-Primary Ballet
Primary Ballet
Ballet Grade 1-8
Freestyle Ballet
Ballet leotards, skirts optional, ballet stockings. Ballet shoes. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
Contemporary Comfortable shirt/tank top with leggings Bare Feet.  
Intro to MA Comfortable shirt with athletics. Sports shoes. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
Taekwondo WTF Dobok (white) & Belt. Bare feet. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
Muay Thai Comfortable atletic shirt and Muay Thai short/pants/leggings.  Bare feet  
U & Me Yoga Comfortable clothes. Bare feet. Adults: bare feet, skirt/dress is note recommended.
Yoga Comfortable shirt with Leggings/athletics pants.  Bare feet. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
RockFit Comfortable shirt with shorts/pants/leggings. No jeans & skirts. Must be able to kick, jump, & move around the floor. Athletics/Dance sneakers. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.

Dress Code for General Classes in Studio

Classes Outfit Footwear Others
Swimming Bathing/Swimsuit for girls; Board shorts, swimming trunks, swimming jammers for boys or rashguard/rash vest or wetsuit; No street clothes, leggings, tank tops allowed; Babies need to wear swim diapers. Only slippers and sandals will be allowed around the swimming pool area. The use of swimming caps and googles are required for swim classes.
Tennis Comfortable shorts & shirts. Tennis shoes, sports shoes, athletics shoes. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
Futsal Comfortable shorts & shirts. Sports shoes, athletics shoes. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
Basketball Basketball jerseys/shorts, comfortable shorts & shirts. Basketball shoes, sports shoes, athletics shoes. Hair must be away from face. Long hair must be tied back.
  • Facilities are intended primarily for sporting use.
  • Every party using the sports area must have a person in charge to be monitor and be responsible for the adherence of all rules and regulations while using the facility.
  • Facilities may not be used by persons under the influence of intoxicating substances. There are no intoxicating substances allowed inside the facility.
  • High heels, wedges and outdoor shoes may not be worn inside facilities.
  • Users may not bring breakable items or chew gum in the facilities.
  • Individuals must use facilities at their own risk and are responsible for the storage of clothing and other property at facilities. Any found items should be turned over to staff.
  • Equipment must be returned to its proper place after use. Any damage must be reported to staff immediately.
  • Any person or organization that violates these rules and regulations or does not follow instructions or orders given by staff can be required to leave facilities or can be banned from using facilities for a set period of time.
  • In addition to these rules and regulations, supplementary instructions can be issued at individual facilities.
  • No strollers in the sports area.
  • No food in sports area.
  • RockStar Gym is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • RockStar Gym is not responsible for any person/s injuries that may be occurred during activities.

Pool Usage hours : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Starting 1 February 2016, pool facilities at Cinere Bellevue available only Monday-Friday at 09:00 am to 04:00 pm & cannot be accessed on weekends.
  • No Life Guard on duty.
  • No Running, pushing or diving.
  • Parents or Guardians must supervise their children in the Water Park/pool.
  • No climbing on wall barriers.
  • No Glass, drinks or food in pool area.
  • No Smoking.
  • No pets allowed.
  • The use of main swimming pool is restricted to Classes/No one allowed to swim when class/es is on going.
  • Please use proper swim wear in the pool. No street clothes are allowed.
  • Kids who are not potty trained must wear a water resistant swim diaper.
  • We are not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  • We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Management reserves the right to deny use of pool to anyone at anytime. 
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