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Charlie Rossi

Charlie Rossi, Member, "Great Facilities, fantastic learning experience for our children."

Marina Ivanova

Marina Ivanova, Member, "Ksenia has been RockStar Gym member for 3 months only but her progress is evident. She enjoys her gymnastics, hip-hop and basketball classes…

Neha Verma

Neha Verma, Member, "RockStar is a very good platform for kids to get through so many activities & sports. Meher enjoys almost all the activities especially…

Aleksei Bulkin

Aleksei Bulkin, Member, "Aleksandra enjoys basketball, gymnastics, rockfit classes very much. Thanks a lot for the atmosphere and professionalism of the coaches."

Nungky CS

Nungky CS, Member, "RockStar Gym sangat membuat saya bahagia, karena benar-benar memberikan solusi untuk menyalurkan bakat & aktivitas untuk anak saya, thank you RockStar Gym. I…

John Indra

John Indra, member, "My son, Mike, was doing so so in PE in his school. I asked his PE teacher for advice on how to improve.…
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