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Tweenkle Star

Tweenkle Star, Cheerleading Team, "Rana & Raika, 11 years old, they are best friend now. Their friendship started at RockStar-Gym about 1.5 years ago, when they joined an audition for RockStar Gym Cheerleading Team for RockStar Bintaro Xchange. Rana as Captain and Raika as Co-Captain in Tweenkle Star, RockStar Gym Cheerleading RockStar Gym, Bintaro Xchange. Rana feels enthusiastic when she got a chance to become captain in Tweenkle Star, she joined Tweenkle star with 12 other students. Besides learning and practicing cheerleading technics, Rana & Raika also learned about discipline, sportsmanship, team building, neatness, accuracy and the formation of building a pyramid. They not only joined cheerleading Rana & Raika also joined Gymnastics, Traditional Dance, Dance Team and Swimming, they felt joining these classes helped them to build their skill. Rana & Raika, feel happy and proud that they can learn from their favorite coach, Ms Wendy cause they can become champions in many competition such like : FCSI Cup 2016, 2nd winner , Cheerlympics, 2nd winner, RockOlympics 1st winner and, Nasional Champion 1st winner, The A Team 1st winner and ACDC 2nd winner and last month 1st winner in FCSI Cup 2017. And Rana & Raika wish that Tweenkle Star will become big but still humble and RockStar Gym will open in many more places and Now They are ready for KEJURNAS 2017. Good Luck! Tweenkle Stars! Keep Rocking!"

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