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Elite Championships


Competitions are one of the greatest ways to provide our children with a sense of purpose and achievement in their early years.

Not only that, competitions allow them to develop persistence, agility, determination, critical thinking, commitment and confidence, important character traits that will enable them to grow as healthy achievers.

In addition to Gymnastics Testing & Competition, RAD Ballet Testing & Competition, Swimming Competition, and RockOlympics, we will launch Elite Championship for the following genres:

1. Dance
2. Ballet
3. Contemporary Dance
4. Cheerleading
5. Futsal
6. Basketball
7. Taekwondo
8. Broadway

Elite Championship is a chance for our Elite Students to compete and challenge themselves against other students in their chosen genre, which will be conducted during Competition Week of every term (Week 13).

Students who have attended an Elite Class for minimum 4 (four) time in a term will be eligible to be chosen as a member of Elite Team to represent their home gym in Elite Championship, free of charge.