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We extend the concept of kids and teens fitness exercise programs by offering attractive and complete facilities for Gymnastics, Ballet, Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga & Fit and Sports where all children and teenagers alike enjoy our programs.

RockStar Gym’s Programs are comprehensive learning programs that give students knowledge in skills and techniques in all of our different genres. With our well-trained staff and redesigned curriculums, your kids are sure to have fun and be superstars.  We set our Programs apart from others in several ways.

We are applying the best curriculum and we redefined them to suit our student’s needs. Entry level skills are developed to enhance and motivate our students to perform better in class. Our diversified coach teams from locals to expats are typically both professional educators as well as professionals in their own chosen fields. With their dynamic backgrounds in their areas of expertise, they are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in their respective classes. To make our classes better and take the FUN seriously, we use only the best equipment and are always up to date with the latest trends. Every child has their own way to express and show their personal best. To give them appreciation, RockStar Gym issues awards and certificates for every achievement make throughout every term.

Classification of Classes
Gymnastics Ballet Dance Martial Arts Yoga & Fit Futsal Basketball Tennis Swimming

Crawler 6 to 11 mos

Walker 12 to 23 mos

Jumper 24 to 35 mos

Tots Gym U4

Kids Gym U5-7

Gymnastics U7-12

Gymnastics U12-18

Gymnastics U7-18

Gymnastics U14-18

Elite Gymnastics

Elite Gymnastics L1/2

Elite Gymnastics L2/3

Parkour 7+ yrs

Elite Parkour

Cheer U5-7

Cheer U8-18

Cheer U14-18

Elite Cheer U5-7

Elite Cheer U8-12

Elite Cheer U13-16

Elite Cheer U8-16

Elite Cheer U13-18




Baby Ballet 2 to 3 yrs

Pre-Ballet 1/2 3 to 5 yrs

Pre Primary/Primary Ballet 5+ yrs

Ballet Grade 1 5+ years

Ballet Grade 2 (Skill Dep)

Ballet Grade 1/2 (Skill Dep)

Ballet Grade 2/3 (Skill Dep)

Ballet Grade 3/4 (Skill Dep)

Elite Ballet U7-18


Baby Jam 6 to 18 mos

Baby Dance U2/3

Move n Groove U4/5

K-Pop U7-12

K-Pop U7-16

K-Pop U7-18

K-Pop U10-18

Stage Studio U5-7

Belly Dance U5-7

Belly Dance U5-12

Belly Dance U7-18

Belly Dance U10-18

HipHop U7-18

HipHop U10-18

HipHop U14-18

Elite Dance U5-7

Elite Dance U5-12

Elite Dance U7-12

Elite Dance U7-18

Elite Dance U8-18

Elite Dance U9-18

Elite Dance U10-18

Elite Dance U12-18

Elite Dance U14-18

Traditional Dance U7-18

Break Dance U7-18

Elite Broadway U5-18

Contemporary Foundation U8-18

Elite Contemporary U8-18





Intro to Martial Arts U5-7

Taekwondo White 6+ yrs

Taekwondo Yellow 6+ yrs

Taekwondo Yellow-Black 6+ yrs

Taekwondo Green 6+ yrs

Taekwondo Blue-Black 6+ yrs

Taekwondo Green-Black 6+ yrs

Poomsae 6+ yrs

Muay Thai 6+ yrs

Elite Taekwondo

Sports U3

Sports U4/5

Baby Yoga U2/3

Yoga U5-7

Yoga U5-12

Yoga U7-18

RockFit U5-7

RockFit U7-18

Sports U3

Sports U4/5


Futsal U5-7

Futsal U5-9

Futsal U5-12

Futsal U7-10

Futsal U7-12

Futsal U9/12

Futsal U9-16

Futsal U9-18

Futsal U10-16

Futsal U12-16

Futsal U12-18

Futsal U14-18

Futsal U7/U12

Elite Futsal U5-7

Elite Futsal U5-12

Elite Futsal U7-10

Elite Futsal U7-12

Elite Futsal U9-12

Elite Futsal U9-16

Elite Futsal U9-18

Elite Futsal U12-16

Elite Futsal U14-18

Elite Futsal U16/18

Futsal Team U7-12

Futsal Team U8-10

Futsal Team U12-16

Open Play Futsal U5-7

Open Play Futsal U8-16

Open Play Futsal U14-18

Sports U3

Sports U4/5

Basketball U5-7

Basketball U5-9

Basketball U5-10

Basketball U5-12

Basketball U7-9

Basketball U7-12

Basketball U8-10

Basketball U9

Basketball U9-12

Basketball  U9-16

Basketball  U9-18

Basketball  U12

Basketball  U12-16

Basketball  U12-18

Basketball  U14-18

Basketball Girls U9

Basketball Girls U9-12

Basketball  Girls U9-16

Basketball  Girls U9-18

Basketball Girls U12-16

Basketball Girls U12-18

Basketball Girls U14-18

Elite Basketball Girls U10-18

Elite Basketball Girls U12-16

Elite Basketball Girls U12-18

Elite Basketball  U5-7

Elite Basketball  U5-10

Elite Basketball  U5-12

Elite Basketball  U7-9

Elite Basketball  U7-12

Elite Basketball  U9-12

Elite Basketball  U9-16

Elite Basketball  U9-18

Elite Basketball  U10-18

Elite Basketball  U12-16

Elite Basketball  U12-18

Elite Basketball  U14-18

Basketball Team U8-10

Basketball  Team U12

Basketball  Team U12

Basketball  Team U12-16

Basketball Team U16/18

Open Play Basketball  U7

Open Play Basketball  U12-18

Sports U3

Sports U4/5

Tennis U5-7

Tennis U5-9

Tennis U5-12

Tennis U9-18

Tennis U9-18

Elite Tennis  U5-9

Elite Tennis U9-18

Sports U3

Sports U4/5


Swim-Mom&Me L1 6-35mo

Swim-Mom&Me L2 3-4 yrs

Swim-Mom&Me L3 5-6 yrs

Stroke Development L1

Stroke Development L2

Stroke Development L3

Stroke Development L4

Elite Swimming